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An aviation company can offer almost anything: Business jets for VIPs and business flights serve as an example here, as well as helicopter fleets for forestry liming, logging, fire fighting, surveying, work on power lines, air rescue, pilot transfer or other offshore issues, etc. Furthermore, aircraft for photo and film shoots or event and sightseeing flights, but also flight schools to provide for the next generation of pilots must be mentioned here. One could list many more types of carriers.

As colorful and diverse as the areas are, the individual insurance solutions must be tailored specifically and individually so that no gaps in coverage occur. Each airline must therefore be examined in depth and in detail.

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As an air carrier (owner or operator of an aircraft), you are responsible for all matters relating to the carriage of passengers. As a specialist broker for the aviation sector, we can advise you.

If necessary, also consider engine insurance for your aircraft – especially for higher-value and newer engines.

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