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Aviation insurance for airports / airfields

With a small airfield, you might wonder what to insure. But already here a landing site liability insurance, an environmental liability insurance (if refueling is possible) or possibly an organizer liability insurance must be covered. If there is a hangar on the premises, a building attached, and perhaps a small workshop, business liability insurance, comprehensive workshop insurance, product and custodial liability insurance, to name a few, can be added.

For an airport, whether small or large, not only the above-mentioned insurances come into question, but also, for example, liability insurance in accordance with BADV, business interruption insurance or cyber insurance.

Insurance options are varied and must be tailored to the specific circumstances.

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Airports are extremely complex, so the various risks must be worked out in detail. No insurance should be missing here, so as not to affect adjacent areas.

Airfields may host events such as air shows or aerobatics/airshows in addition to normal use. These are special risks that absolutely must be insured in order to protect organizers and guests.

Please contact us in any case. This area of aviation insurance is also part of our comprehensive service.

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