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Aviation insurance for balloons

The first tethered balloon took to the air in 1794. Nowadays, there are tethered balloons and free balloons, manned and unmanned, such as hot air balloons, gas balloons, weather balloons, light balloons, solar balloons, etc. For passenger transportation, there can be 1-3 balloon pilots and up to 32 passengers in one balloon. The flight altitude here is usually between 300 and 3,000 meters. So-called “racers” are used for competitions. In general, the non-controllable free balloons are a particularly great adventure.

The possible insurance solutions for balloons are almost the same as those applicable to an aircraft. Thus, for example, owner’s liability insurance, hull insurance, passenger liability insurance (or as CSL together with the statutory owner’s liability insurance) and seat accident insurance, as well as hangar contents insurance, exhibition insurance and transport insurance may apply.

Our partner for insurance coverage in the field of balloon flights is Altitude Insurance Ltd.

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Free balloons form their own class of aircraft. The different uses require the appropriate insurance coverage in each case. We as insurance brokers especially for aviation insurance have sufficient experience in this area.

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