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Aviation insurance for drones

Aviation insurance for drones

Drones are absolute all-rounders. They fertilize our fields, take photos and films in otherwise inaccessible regions, use infrared sensors to scan the outer skin of large jumbo jets for possible damage, and will soon even bring our mail packages to our homes! These are just a few examples of an almost unlimited number of possible applications, which can therefore also entail just as many dangers. In addition to liability insurance, hull insurance and electronics insurance are also often important, as drones are equipped with increasingly high-end equipment. And be sure to protect your drone from possible cyberattacks.

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Drone here is just an umbrella term for a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), i.e. a drone owner can have different types of UAVs, e.g. a quadrocopter, tricopter, hexacopter, octocopter or multicopter. These are used for private and commercial purposes. As a specialist broker in the aviation industry, we know our way around this field.

If you would like to discuss further details or have additional questions about drone insurance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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