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Drone insurance: Find the right tariff with BGI.

Whether for private or commercial purposes: flying drones are becoming increasingly popular. Drone liability insurance covers the damage you cause to others with your remote-controlled flying object. A supplementary hull module also covers your drone against damage, destruction and loss. With BGI, you can find the right insurance cover quickly and easily.

Drone liability insurance is required by law
If your aircraft weighs 250 g or more, you must register as a drone pilot with the Federal Aviation Authority and provide proof of competence. If your drone is equipped with a camera, registration is mandatory regardless of weight and size. You can apply for proof of competence and registration online on the website of the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics (LBA); for drones weighing more than 4 kg, you also need a remote pilot certificate.
Liability insurance is also required by law for every drone. Liability insurance covers any damage you cause to third parties through the use of your aircraft. A minimum insurance sum of 750,000 “special drawing rights” is mandatory throughout Europe – an artificially introduced settlement value that can be converted to the exact day and currently corresponds to around 900,000 euros. Depending on the size and type of your drone, however, we advise you to take out a significantly higher sum insured of 20 million or even 50 million euros, because accidents involving people and collisions with larger aircraft can easily cause damage worth millions.

It is best to take out comprehensive cover for the owner’s risk
Also important: drone insurance must comprehensively cover your liability as the owner, because as the owner, you are responsible for the operational risk of your aircraft, regardless of your own fault. This also applies, of course, if you leave your flying drone to someone else who causes damage with it. Smaller drones can be insured under a simple private liability policy, which almost everyone has in their insurance folder anyway. However, your private liability insurance only covers you and your family members – not friends and acquaintances who let you take the wheel of your drone. We therefore recommend that you take out special drone insurance that also fully covers your liability as the owner.
Hull insurance is worthwhile for expensive drones.

Hull insurance is worthwhile for expensive drones
Comparable to your car, you can voluntarily take out comprehensive insurance for your remote-controlled aircraft. Depending on the tariff, theft, crashes, water damage, transport damage and even damage caused by your own operating errors are then covered. In the event of an emergency, the hull insurer will pay for the necessary repairs or replacement of your drone, including damaged accessories. Our tip: Supplementary hull insurance is particularly worthwhile for professional and commercially used drones, which can quickly reach a value of several thousand euros, because a total loss would be enormously expensive if uninsured.

Quick and easy to find the right drone insurance
Do you need high-performance insurance cover for your remote-controlled flying drone? In addition to a favourable annual premium, the exact benefits also count, of course. As one of the leading German specialist brokers for aviation insurance, we know the individual risks exactly and select a tariff for you that optimally covers your risk profile as a drone owner. Contact us now: We will be happy to help you!